Hello  my name is Olusegun  Ogolo.I am a Nigerian.My father  introduced me to international affairs at the age of 9, (that’s  more  than three decades now). Welcome to my blog Spearide ; here l focus on national and global issues.No gossips,no prejudice,just facts.We analyse the issues and make our contributions : taking sides only  with the truth.


Why Spearide?Imagine an African spear in flight (or as I would prefer to put it, ‘on a RIDE’) during a typical hunting session.As the spear homes in on its target, two things  happen.

First, it pins or pierces  its target.Second, the very act of  piercing the target causes parts that were previously uniform to be split.


These two points summarise the essence of spearide:first home in on the news,then  split or analyse it.

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