SA crying out for skills

Nivashni Nair |THE TIMES LIVE |29 May, 2013


Companies are battling to fill thousands of vacancies.

They are desperately looking for engineers, managers, legal staff, teachers, accountants and IT specialists.

A Manpower Group SA survey of talent shortages at 750 businesses found that engineers were the most difficult to find.

Then came managers, teachers, lawyers and legal secretaries.

Skilled tradesmen, accounting and financial staff, restaurant and hotel workers, technicians, customer-service representatives and IT staff rounded out the list of the 10 most elusive employees.

Lyndy van den Barselaar, managing director of Manpower Group SA, said: “It’s unreal that, in a country with unemployment hovering around 25%, we have job shortages. Lack of technical competence is the big problem.”

The survey found that more than half of the people interviewed for a job did not get it because they lacked technical competence or other skills.

Loane Sharp, a labour market economist at Adcorp, said that a shortage of university capacity and the difficulty of importing personnel had created the “crisis of skills”.


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