WEAPONS SERIES 2:List of Armored Personnel Carrier – APC

An armored personnel carrier (APC) is an armoured fighting vehicle designed to transport infantry to the battlefield.

APCs are usually armed with only a machine gun although variants carry recoilless rifles, anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs), or mortars. They are not usually designed to take part in a direct-fire battle, but to carry troops to the battlefield safe from shrapnel and ambush. They may have wheels or tracks.

Examples include the American M113 (tracked), the British FV 432 (tracked), the French VAB (wheeled), the Dutch/German GTK Boxer (wheeled) and the Soviet BTR (wheeled). Infantry fighting vehicles, by contrast, are more heavily armed and armoured and are designed for direct combat.

List of Armoured Personnel Carrier – APC

APC Picture Country Year
VBTP-MR VBTP-MR APC Brazil-Italy 2011
MOWAG Piranha MOWAG Piranha APC Switzerland 2010
AMZ Żubr AMZ Żubr APC Poland 2009
Boxer AFV Boxer AFV Germany – Netherlands 2008
Namer Namer APC Israel 2008
Lazar BVT Lazar BVT Serbia 2008
RG-31 Nyala RG-31 Nyala Canada-South Africa 2007
Pindad APS-3 APS-3 Ano Indonesia 2006
Saur 1 Saur 1 APC Romania 2006
Terrex Terrex ICV Singapore 2006
BTR-4 BTR-4 APC Ukraine 2006
Dozor-B Dozor-B APC Ukraine 2005
BTR-90 BTR-90 Russia 2004
APC Talha APC Talha Pakistan 2002
Al-Qaswa logistics vehicle Al-Qaswa logistics vehicle Pakistan 2002
IAV Stryker IAV Stryker US 2002
Puma AFV Puma AFV Italy 2001

Source:All military weapons


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