70% of Nigerian doctors practise abroad – NMA


Akinseinde Kehinde  . TRIBUNE. 06 May 2013                                                                                                                                                                          




Out of 65,000 doctors registered in Nigeria, only 25, 000 are currently practising in the country.
The President, Nigeria Medical Association, Dr Osahon Enabulele, made this known in Lagos during the association’s world press conference on Sunday.
Dr Enabulele explained that the rate at which doctors travelled out of the country to practice was alarming and a clear pointer to Nigeria’s deficiency in healthcare system.
According to Dr Enabulele, there was a braindrain phenomenon of producing for other country’s benefit in the country in which Nigeria kept producing qualitative doctors but for other country’s benefit.
He said that it was not that we produced too much doctors but that the working condition of the country was the main factor responsible for this, adding that there was no nation with too many doctors.
“Medical doctors catch the next flight abroad because there is attractive enabling working environment waiting for them. They go to places where they are well equipped and there are lots of facilities to work effectively with,” he said.
Dr Enabulele, however, noted that migration of labour was universal in which people sought for better job opportunity with good remuneration and friendly working condition outside the country.
He advised that government should put mechanism in place to adjust salary without provocation, in addressing this labour loss.
Dr Enabulele also noted that top government officials abandoned their own country to go for treatment in another by same Nigerian doctors.
He, however, advised that leaders should show good example to followers by patronising Nigerian hospitals, saying that this would restore faith in Nigeria’s healthcare system.
“Federal Government officials should patronise our teaching hospitals; governors should go for check up in general hospitals; local government chairmen should use their primary healthcare centres,” he advised.


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