President says Libya harbors Chadian mercenaries

Reuters.Apr 27, 2013

Chad President Idriss Deby arrives at Khartoum Airport on an official visit February 7, 2013. REUTERS/Mohamed Nureldin AbdallahChad President Idriss Deby arrives at Khartoum Airport on an official visit February 7, 2013.Credit: Reuters/Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah

Chad’s President Idriss Deby on Saturday that Chadian mercenaries had set up a training camp in neighboring Libya from where they could seek to destabilize his country, an accusation Libyan authorities denied.

Deby said during a radio interview that the mercenaries were free to roam around the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, hundreds of kilometers (miles) north of the Chadian border.

“I do not want the new Libya to serve as the source of any plot to destabilize Chad,” Deby said. “I am asking Libyan authorities to take steps to ensure that Chad does not fall prey to another Libyan misadventure.”

But Saleh Gaouda, deputy president of the National Security Committee in Libya’s General National Congress who also represents Benghazi, denied any such camps existed.

“Libya … does not permit military camps where foreigners can find shelter, and will not interfere in the internal politics of our neighbors,” Saleh said


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