Impunity reigns in Nigeria – Ex-US envoy •7,198 Nigerians killed in 4 years, 600 killed in October 2012


By Femi Osinusi.TRIBUNE.  29 December 2012

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OVER 1,000 Nigerians have been killed in various violence-related incidents in the country since 2011 while in October alone, more than 600 people were killed in what was described as the deadliest month in the country.
Also, it has been revealed that more than 7,198 Nigerians were killed in the country in the last four years through various extra-judicial killings.
These revelations were made by the former United States’ Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. John Campbell, in a report that catalogued the various political violence, including attacks by the dreaded Boko Haram sect.
The report, entitled: “Nigerian Security Tracker,” chronicled various atrocities by the Boko Haram sect, the security operatives and other agencies. The report also revealed that 28 suicide bombings took place this year alone, leaving over 100 people dead.
According to the former ambassador, “October 2012 was by far Nigeria’s deadliest month in the 16-month period since June 2011. During that month, three days of attacks by Boko Haram in northern state of Yobe left at least 30 dead, including a former government official. In Borno, the military went on a rampage after a bombing injured two soldiers, killing at least 30 people. In Benue, communal conflicts resulted in the death of at least 30 people. In total, at least 600 people were killed in October 2012.”


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