China Doesn’t Want Anyone To Know About Its ‘New Princess’

Adam Taylor|Business Insider. Nov. 20,  2012

Xi Jinping, the man scheduled to become President of China next year, is  just one of many Chinese elite who has sent his children to an Ivy League  School.

Xi Mingze Harvard Daily Mail

However, it took until this weekend for a news publication — the  UK’s Mail on Sunday — to track down a few people who know Xi Mingze, Xi’s  20-year-old daughter currently studying at Harvard  University.

The scraps of information gleamed from the Mail’s reporter aren’t much—Xi,  nicknamed Muzi, “is a bookworm, very quiet and studious,” she is protected  by bodyguards, and she shuns the partying lifestyle. Perhaps the best nugget of  information is this:

She attended a discussion last spring about the  political tumult convulsing China’s Communist Party, where she reportedly  listened ‘intently’ from the top row of the lecture hall.

While the article contains few bombshells, that didn’t stop the photograph of  the article included here appearing on Chinese  social network Weibo shortly after publication, and promptly being shared widely  by Chinese netizens.

Due to the fact it was an image rather than text, the post was able to avoid  Chinese censors for a while. However, by 8:54 a.m. (Hong Kong time), the picture  had been removed from Weibo, according to the University  of Hong Kong’s JMSC’s monitoring service, Weiboscope.

The Chinese elite is no doubt keen to avoid questions about how exactly Xi  Jinping can afford his daughters fees. Officially, his salary is less than  $13,000 a year, and Xi’s  circle has been remarkably cagey about reports of his family’s true wealth  before.

But, to Xi Jinping’s credit, the future President may well have been filled  with dread as he watched  the media circus that descended on ousted Bo  Xilai’s “playboy” son, and Harvard student, Bo Guagua.



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